Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweet Caroline

Princess Jowers II’s official due date was December 17 and, given that I had gestational diabetes (again), we knew the doctors wouldn’t let me go past that date. Knowing that we could have the baby and be home well in time for Christmas was comforting considering we had a three year old who wasn’t going to let something as minor as a new baby sister interfere with Santa making a stop at our house. Plus, my mom, aka Gracie, already had her travel-to-Atlanta-in-time-for-my-ASC-Christmas-concert-then-stay-for-baby’s-arrival-and-through-Christmas plans all set. Ah, the best laid plans…

I had a regular 39 week appointment the morning of December 8, where the doctor made it clear that I was ‘ready to go’ at any time. No big deal, right? Women walk around for weeks ‘ready to go’, often sailing right past their actual due date. I had stuff to accomplish before this baby got here…hair appointment on the 11th, ASC Christmas concert to sing in on the 13th, pedicure over the weekend, a few Christmas presents to finish wrapping, etc. Baby girl and I were chatting regularly about her impending arrival, and I had made it clear to her that she was not allowed to arrive prior to 11 PM, December 13. Clearly, she doesn’t listen well. I woke up running a fever in the wee morning hours of December 9 so by 5:30 AM we had packed up Hannah Claire, dropped her off at Gigi and Baba’s house and were checked in to the hospital. Thinking maybe I had an infection of some sort brewing and with baby already making progress on her own, the doctors decided they would admit me and just help things along. That was at 8:30 AM and at 1:53 PM Caroline Rose Jowers entered the world. Us Jowers girls, we don’t mess around! She weighed in at 6 pounds, 14.9 ounces (just 1/10th of an ounce more than Hannah Claire when she was born) and measured 18.75 inches.

Caroline was sweet from moment one. And she’s still sweet. She eats well and sleeps well and is a happy, content little girl. Hannah Claire has loved her from the get-go. We’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well she has adjusted to being a big sister. We figured she’d do well but, in all fairness, she IS only three. So far she is nothing but loving towards Caroline and super helpful when Mommy and Daddy need her to be. We’ll just see what happens when Caroline is old enough and mobile enough to get into Hannah Claire’s stuff. Might be a different story then…

All in all, life with two little princesses is going well. We adore our girls and we seem to have settled in well to being an official family of four!

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jms said...

Congratulations!! They are both so beautiful! I'm jealous of the pink. We're blue here (so far).

. . . and not that you care, but my hubby's birthday is December 9th ☺