Thursday, April 29, 2010

Seriously, Santa, enough already!

December is always crazy busy but we figured things with a newborn and a three year old had the potential to be insanity, so we took Hannah Claire to visit Santa and ride the Pink Pig early in the month, before Caroline arrived. This was the first year Hannah Claire seemed willing to sit on Santa’s lap by herself, and she and Daddy had rehearsed the questions Santa was likely to ask. Hannah Claire had her answers down: “Yes, I’ve been a good girl,” “I’d like you to bring me a kitchen”. You know the usual stuff. And then we get to Santa, who apparently has it out for parents of unsuspecting toddlers.

Santa: Hannah Claire, have you been a good girl this year?
HC: Yes, I have been a good girl!
Santa: So, what would you like for Santa to bring you?
HC: I’d like a kitchen! So I can cook like Mommy and Daddy.
Santa: And what else would you like?
HC: Um, a bouncy ball.
Santa: And what else?
HC: Oh, a yo-yo!
Santa: And what else?
HC: (looking at Daddy like “we didn’t rehearse more than this, did we?”) I like movies.
Mommy: Okay, sweetie, big smile for your picture!

Really, Santa, what is your problem? Do you not see Mommy trying to give you the universal “cut it out” signal by running her fingers across her throat?? The girl said she wanted a kitchen, bouncy ball and yo-yo. There’s truly no need to make her think of more things she would like to have. Granted, it was probably the first Tuesday evening in December and there were like two people in line behind us so I’m sure Santa thought he was just being nice…but the twinkle in his eye seemed a bit devious, if you ask me.

Having successfully let Santa in on her wish list, Hannah Claire was ready to ride the Pink Pig. For those of you not from Atlanta, I don’t know how to explain this Christmas tradition but a tradition it is, and Hannah Claire was more excited about this than anything else that evening. We convinced her to eat dinner first since the Pig was near where we had parked the car and eating first meant not having to traipse back and forth through the mall four times. Being the awesome parents that we are, we purchased our Pig tickets before going to see Santa so we were set to ride as soon as we finished dinner. Being the not-so-awesome parents that we are, we failed to check out what time the Pig quit running for the evening. When we arrived back at the tent, Hannah Claire excitedly pulling us all the way, it was locked down tight. Oh the sadness on our little girl’s face. We promised we’d bring her back ASAP. She took it like a champ, and even posed for a few pictures with the Pig paraphernalia. We made it back a few days later and all was right in her world.

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