Friday, November 6, 2009

Seriously . . .

I stink at blogging. Big time. I’d be amazed if anyone actually still stops by and checks this site but, just in case, I’ll catch you up on the happenings ‘round the Jowers’ place. In a nutshell, things are non-stop. Since the post in August, we’ve been on several more trips to visit with family and we’ve been doing tons of stuff around the house to make room for baby number two.

We spent the Labor Day holiday in St. Simons with Gracie and Nana. It’s become an annual tradition for our family, and it was a great weekend as always. The trip ended with a bigger bang (literally) than expected when Ryan had an accident at Nana’s pool, busted his forehead and nose while entertaining his daughter in the shallow end and we ended up at the Emergent Care Clinic for a couple hours before driving back to Atlanta. Thanks to steri-strips and a week’s worth of wearing a hat as often as possible, he healed up quite nicely!

September also means ASC being in full-swing, so work has certainly picked back up for me. Can’t believe I’m starting my fifth season with this amazing group. I LOVE singing with them and working for them has been such a blessing, allowing me to be home with Little Miss (and now the Littler Miss on the way!). Ryan is settling into his new job at Winship and is working to start lots of great new programs so we’re excited to see where those might lead. He was also recently selected to serve on the DeKalb County Grand Jury, so super fun times ahead for him in the next two months!

Hannah Claire has started going to ‘school’ twice a week and she LOVES it! I’ll admit, I never thought sending my child to preschool would have a great effect on me emotionally. Um, apparently I need to re-introduce my brain to my emotions. I completely lost it in the carpool line the first morning I dropped her off, and I cried the whole way home. Granted the whole way home is only 4 miles, but still… Hannah Claire, however, wasn’t fazed in the least! She’s taken to her teachers and all the fun activities like a champ. To no one’s surprise music class is her favorite part, followed closely by going to the playground. I’m enjoying having a few quiet hours a week to get some good work done, and I’m looking forward to having some one-on-one time with baby Caroline once she arrives. A few pictures from her first day:

As for Caroline (that is princess II’s name, for those who don’t know), her due date is swiftly approaching! I’m 34 weeks, so only 6 more to go before we are officially a family of four. According to the doctors, she’s currently weighing in around 5 pounds and looks great. She is still quite active in the belly and definitely keeps us all entertained with her kicking and whatnot. We can’t believe how quickly the time has passed but we’re super excited about welcoming her into our lives. Several of her most recent portraits are below. And no, that is not hair in the 3D shot, just shadows! The first two are at 28 weeks and the last is 34 weeks.

Hannah Claire still seems nothing but excited about having a sibling, which we are very thankful for. We’ve moved her into her ‘big girl’ room and she’s taken to it easily. HUGE thanks go to the grandparents, Gracie, Gigi, and Baba, for all the help with making her new room so awesome. Her bedding is fab and pretty much makes me want to move in with her. I’ll post pictures as soon as we have some. Caroline will be using the nursery, of course, and we’re grateful that another little girl will get to enjoy the beautiful mural Gigi painted 3 years ago. What lucky girls we have!!

Whew! There’s more but I’m tapped out for now. Next post will include pictures from our family reunion and trip to the mountains!