Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We Heart Nature

For those who don't know, our lot is bordered on two sides by a county park so most of our backyard is surrounded by woods. Minus the few trees that have fallen from the county property into our yard, we've enjoyed the privacy the park affords. It's quite pretty and during the spring and summer, when all the trees are in bloom, we often feel like we're in the mountains somewhere rather than in our own backyard. Of course, woods equal animals so we've seen our fair share of turtles, bunnies, opossums and even an owl over the years. They're cute and all, but not nearly as rad as the hawks that now visit us daily. That's right, I said hawks. We had a family of them flying around about a year ago and now we seem to have two regulars that live behind our house. They're beautiful, and they seem super fond of our backyard.

We get to see and hear these bad boys in our yard at least once a day. Wildlife is awesome!

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